This is where ALL the art happens!

My studio table, situated in my office, next to my desk, and my computer at the back against the window.

I've always been fascinated by what other artists' studios look like, where they do their art - and it's always a been a big thing for me to have a 'proper' studio. And I DID have the most gorgeous studio at the previous property we lived on - a large patio that had been enclosed with BIG windows and it's own entrance out into the lush garden, but also with a door leading into my bedroom, so I had direct access from the house in the cold winter months. It faced North and West, so in winter the lovely sunshine just flooded in, warming the studio with light and cosiness. It was rigged out with a large (2.4m long x 1.4m wide) art table, lots of shelving, pretty curtains, a comfortable couch and coffee table with some flowers and plenty of space for easels and all my art paraphernalia. I was constantly surrounded by the stuff I loved.

My previous studio

When we moved, suddenly, I had no studio! What a disaster! My life seemed to be ruined! What was I going to do?! Very soon every conceivable space was over-taken by art supplies and my heart ached and longed for my beloved, organised studio. I was 'making do' with using desks and tables all over the house, but soon my office 'became' my studio and I settled into this routine, albeit it with the constant thought in the back of my mind of building a 'proper' studio again.

Then I read an article about a distressed artist who was getting divorced and, because of that, because he would be losing his studio, he was forced to give up his art. This struck fear and pain into my heart for this poor guy and I was really feeling his pain as if it were my own.

But slowly the absurdity of his 'pain at having to give up his art' dawned on me - what utter bollocks! I can understand his pain about the divorce (and losing the studio), but giving up your art because of that?! Never! I realised that my art has always been a source of strength and inspiration for me and something I always turn to when life throws me a lemon.

So here's the conclusion I have come to, and also something I have come to learn when I started painting plein air, when you make do with the minimal of art supplies - never, ever again will I be unhappy, 'making do' and be tied down to 'the perfect studio' - my 'studio' will be wherever I am - doesn't matter whether it's the kitchen table or in bed, whether it's in my office or in my car - my art is forever with me!

"When times are good, artists make art.
When times are bad, artists make art.
When time stands still, artists will continue making art."

At present, my studio table is an old wooden door standing on trestles. On the top I have a vintage Cane letter holder which houses art books, canvasses and general art materials.

Some old Kitchen units used for storage space

Work in progress

Home-made storage for all my brushes, pens and pencils - 13 toilet roll cores stuck to a board with some craft glue.

In summer I often take my paint supplies outside and work in my garden/potting shed (which also sometimes is storage space for all sorts!) - wonderful light, fresh air and often live subjects like birds, lizards, geckos and Solly's chickens marching past!

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