Thursday, September 10, 2015

Warthog sketch - Special!

A fun sketch done in ink with Pilot Black Calligraphy Lettering Pen and watercolour on Ashrad sketching paper – 12″ × 8″ - unframed

The most commonly seen wild pig of the African Bush, Warthogs (Phacochoerus aethiopicus) are day animals and spend most of their time looking for food and are normally found in family groups. They feed mainly on grass and roots, but also take bulbs, fruits, carrion, insects, scorpions, earthworms, centipedes and bones.

They are members of the same family as domestic pigs, but present a much different appearance. These sturdy hogs are not among the world’s most aesthetically pleasing animals—their large, flat heads are covered with “warts,” which are actually protective bumps. Warthogs also sport four sharp tusks. They are mostly bald, but they do have some sparse hair and a thicker mane on their backs.

ITEM ID : WarthogSketch
PRICE : R100.00 including postage in South Africa

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