Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Energy, Passion and Peace

Red oblong glass jewel hook earrings - length 2" (5cm) without hooks. (SOLD)

Vibrant red oblong glass jewel hook earrings. The ease and simplicity of these earrings make a statement on their own, but when teamed with a matching brooch, adds extra whammy!

The colour red is the colour of energy, passion and action. It is a warm and positive colour associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Wearing red clothing or jewellery shows a vibrant personality and a passion for life.

Being the colour of physical movement, the colour red awakens our physical life force. It is the colour of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex on the positive side or revenge and anger on the negative. It is often used to express love, as in Valentine’s Day.


 Blue oblong glass jewel hook earrings - length 2" (5cm) without hooks.

But don't panic there's one more blue pair left!

Blue is the coolest colour – the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. Blue is often the chosen colour by conservative people. Blue is the calming colour. That makes it a wonderful colour to use in the home and to wear as jewellery.

Blue gives a feeling of distance and peace. Artists use it to to show perspective. This is a good way to understand the energy of the colour blue – it allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. It contains a cool vibration that is helpful to communication. The vibration if blue can be used to open energy flow where it is blocked. So wear blue jewellery often to relax and encourage feelings of communication and peace.

ITEM ID : BlueJewelOblongEarrings
PRICE : R250.00 including postage in South Africa

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